Aishwarya avoids Salman at Screen Awards

At the 17th Star screen Awards, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan avoids an awkward moment with her ex-flame Salman Khan. She waited at the lounge just to avoid Salman. 

A source present at the event said, "The closing act of the awards was performed by Aishwarya on many of her popular hits. As she reached the backstage much ahead of time for her performance, she decided to rest at the nearby lounge till her performance was announced.

But before Ash could enter the lounge she bumped into Vidya Balan and the two exchanged pleasantries for some time.

After her conversation Ash went inside, glanced around and was seen walking out of the room swiftly. Ash stood quietly outside and refused to budge till her performance was announced."

Salman could sensed that Ash moved out as she spotted him but he maintained calm and passed the issue. He continued his conversation with his friends.

This is not the only instances when Aishwarya and Salman bumped into each other but every time, they avoid awkward moment.