Aishwarya appoints as UNAIDS goodwill ambassador

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been appointed as the new goodwill ambassador for Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS. Dressed in black outfit, after the appointment Aishwarya said that she does not just want to be poster girl but will work at the grassroots level to eradicate the social barriers and stigmas attached with the disease.

UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe announced Aishwarya as the Goodwill Ambassador at the 67th session of the UN General Assembly at a press conference in New York on Monday. Ash in her new role said that she will increase the awareness on issues related to new HIV infections in children and advocate for increased access to anti-retroviral treatment.

Aishwarya said that it is an 'honour and privilege' to be working with the UN and work towards eradicating AIDS/HIV. "I will initially be like a student, holding the hand of the organisation which will lead me to the real picture on the ground," Aishwarya, wearing a chic black dress said at the press conference.

She said she is exchanging ideas with UNAIDS on what steps need to be taken and how to work with women to make their aware of the disease and how to fight against it.

"I dont want to be just a poster girl, dont want to be just part of a platform that will have my face and quotes and voice," Aishwarya said, adding she would be going to sites across India and other countries, interact with people, appeal to governments and talk with pharma companies to see what works need to be done in the area.

Ash added that she has been approached by UN for different programmes several years ago but due to her packed schedule she could not contribute but now that she is on a break from work she is taking her time to plan her future plans.

"Now I am planning my time forward," she said, adding having been 'wonderfully blessed' with a daughter, she can now take time off.

"It has been an absolute pleasure to take time off and take care of my daughter," Aishwarya told PTI.

She said she is in a 'good' point in her life where she is planning her career ahead, while also giving personal time to her family and daughter.