Aishwarya to share screen space with Abhishek

Prahlad Kakkar is a well known name in the advertisement industry. He is well known for his Ad campaigns and his fame has reached the global stage. His well known work is the Pepsi ad campaign that he created with icons such as master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan. His production house, Genesis Film Productions is a well established name in the industry and a path breaker.

Therefore when he announced to direct a Bollywood film for the first time, the excitement was palpable. The project is named as ‘Happy Anniversary’ and deals with the various facets of married life and its complexities. Naturally a married couple working for the lead roles would have been a perfect choice. The grapevines started wondering about the chances of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan to do the leads in the movie.  Well, fairly so as they are the most glamorous and hottest couple in Bollywood at the present. Prahlad Kakkar remained silent to all the questions being raised so far.

Prahlad was recently at IIM Joka, Kolkata on Thursday night to attend Intaglio, an international business summit. Speaking to the reporters here, he spoke about the star cast of his film for the first time. Removing all doubts about Ash and Abhishek’s inclusion in the movie, Prahlad stated that, "We are working on it...we still have to present the script to both Ash and Abhishek so that they can finally accept or not accept...they are waiting for us to present the script to them, then they will decide."

The directional venture of Prahlad Kakkar is to be financially backed by Gaurang Doshi as he is producing the movie. Though the debutant director didn’t divulge much about the upcoming movie of his, he did discuss the about the shooting location for ‘Happy Anniversary’.  South Africa is his favored destination for the filming of the movie. Speaking about it, he said, "We haven't decided yet but South Africa is ready to give us massive subsidy so its very tempting to go there."

The critics and Hindi movie buffs are equally interested to see what Prahlad Kakkar cooks up for the film industry. If his past acumen in creating the advertisements is taken into consideration then we can safely assume that his film venture will be no less interesting. We wish him all the best.