Aishwariya faces allegation from ‘ex-lover’?

Controversy is not new for Bollywood stars. But some incidents are so unusual that people get confused whether to take the matter seriously or laugh at it. Trouble seems to have found its place in the life of one of India’s most popular celebrities, Aishwariya Rai who has been leading a happily married life for seven years now and has a baby girl. Reports have come in that an ex-lover of Aishwariya Rai has filed a complaint against her.

If gossip lovers are thinking that it is either Salman Khan or Vivek Oberoi and bracing up for some spicy stories, they will be highly disappointed. It seems that the person involved is Niroshan Devapriya. Most people are asking who he is? Not much information is known about him except that he is a man of Sri Lankan origin and claims that the Bollywood beauty was in a romantic relationship with him few years ago. He has not made clear the time when they were in a relation or how long the relation lasted or even how they came to know each other. Devapriya has filed the complaint on the ground that Aishwariya’s 2007 marriage with Abhishek Bachchan has caused him severe mental stress. If reports are to be believed, he has hired a lawyer for the case.

Apart from the Aishwariya case, another interesting story has come up about the man who currently resides in China. He consulted one of his relatives in India for hiring a lawyer for the case and paid Rs. 1.7 million to his relative only to found out later that he has been cheated. He later filed a court case against his relative and the court has ordered the accused to pay up the sum in installments. As for the case against Aishwariya, not much has happened with it and we have to wait for a while to see how that progresses.

Aishwariya already has her share of controversies. Her relationship with superstar Salman Khan and its ugly break up made its way to the headlines in 2002. Rai cited "abuse (verbal, physical and emotional), infidelity and indignity" as the reasons for the breakup although Khan has denied ever hitting her. After Salman, she was in a brief relationship with the then upcoming actor Vivek Oberoi. Salman and Vivek had a public feud over her.  In 2007, Aishwariya tied the knot with Abhishek and was living peacefully away from any trouble. The couple were blessed their daughter Aaradhya in the year 2011.