A look into what stores in 'Agent Vinod'

Saif Ali Khan looks all set to give a reel dimension to his real life romance with the forthcoming release of Agent Vinod. Illuminati Films- the home production of the most recent Nawab of Pataudi had shaped out this action oriented spying bonanza with Saif- Kareena in the lead. The directorial venture of Shriram Raghavan had its trailer unleashed on the 25thof January.
Agent Vinod




What the director has to say about Agent Vinod

According to the ace director, the action package of Saif Ali has nothing to do with the similarly named flick of 1977. It neither remakes nor seeks to follow the style trademarks of the earlier flick. With its close reference to realism, Agent Vinod works out a thrilling blend of action, characterization and style. The interesting package on espionage has been shot in Mumbai besides Morocco and the Northern European province of Latvia.

Saif Ali’s role in Agent Vinod

Having supported the lead protagonist all along his filmy career, the thrilling espionage of Sriram Raghavan is all set to rock and rollick with Saif in the title cast. The solo offering from this brat like yet lovable ‘Chhotey Nawab’ has somehow eluded the glitzy world. With Agent Vinod having a different story to relate, it may well be his breathtaking punch in the realm of solo adventure. The first look of the thrilling package portrays the angry forty-two year old in all his glorious exuberance- with the right blend of power, performance and delivery.

 The action package with its interesting ‘twists’ in nuclear deals; features the cool actor in the role of a daredevil spy. Geared to his mission with all secrecy, Saif may well have manifold identities to grapple with. As opposed to his well trodden roles of comic delineation and those packed with psychological insight, Agent Vinod is all set to uphold the angry and middle aged Chhotey Nawab with a garb of difference. It remains to be seen if the action oriented silhouette of Saif Ali goes down well with the audience.
Agent Vinod

Kareena’s role in Agent Vinod

The ambitious lover boy in his spree to strike difference has not only chalked himself out in a unique avatar; but has a refreshing blueprint cut out for his reel and real lady as well. According to the sources, Kareena’s role is supposed to offer an interesting blend of grey and white. As the lead accompanying the covert espionage, will also feature the glamorous seductress in a traditional avatar of ‘mujra’ performer. In times, when the dance form of traditional mujra hardly accompanies the tinsel world, the action packed bonanza looks daringly set to revive its dulcet rhythm. While Malika Hayden has been cashed in on for the oft repeated idea of item sequence, the glistening Bebo with her size zero look is slated to have you rocking and reveling in the classically sensuous beats of ‘mujra’.

The ace choreographer- Saroj Khan has been called in upon to give shape to the classical dance measure. With years of experience and that of expertise, Saroj looks all optimistic about the sensuous dance form. According to the leading choreographer, Kareena was made to undergo specialized training for the passionate delivery of this dance form. The breathtaking performer wasn’t used to its subtle nuances, but she didn’t mind putting up with hours’ practice in order to perfect its specialized nuances. But then with onus on the mish mash of modern and traditional, the anticipated dance display is supposed to come up with the same. Saroj is quick to reassert this curious blend of modern and traditional. While, the previous mujra delineators were seen donning ornately decked up in heavy jewelry, Kareena will have a simpler look to offer. To go by some of the disclosed snapshots, the vibrant actress and would be Begum of Pataudi was seen donning a traditional’ anarkli ‘of cherry red. While there has been an open focus on her luscious cleavage, the petite seductress with flowing hair has been found donning only a pair of danglers. Besides the singular use of palm and wristlet and the flowing danglers, no other jewelry was dwelt upon.
Agent Vinod

Song sequences of Agent Vinod

Despite having copyright issues to deal with songs of the grand bonanzas on espionage have managed to gather favorable response. While the lyrics have been created by Nilesh Mishra & Amitabh Bhattacharya; Saif holds on to his erstwhile composer Pritam who had leading deals to offer in the breathtaking success of ‘Love Aaj Kal’. The sleek package of action adventure includes no additional tracks and chooses to have its pinned on the requirements of the main track. Special mention should be made of ‘I’ll do the taking’ – the track with its dashes from Hollywood was an instantaneous click.
Agent Vinod

Audience’s expectation from the film

Going by the first look and pre-release reviews, audience obviously is waiting with bated breath- in anticipation of the much needed and the much focused upon difference. But it remains to be seen if Saif in unison with his soon to be wife turns out lucky in this latest extravaganza.