Adult star Shanti Dynamite accuses Sunny Leone

The Britain-based adult star of Indian-Greek origin Shanti Dynamite accuses Indi-Canadian porn star cum Bollywood actress Sunny Leone of copying her poster for her song ‘Babydoll’ for ‘Ragini MMS 2’.

Shanti Dynamite who does adult chat shows for UK television aspires to be a Bollywood actress.

"A lot of people contacted me and said you should see the new Sunny Leone song `Babydoll` for the `Ragini MMS 2` movie, she copied a concept of yours. I saw that and was shocked," Shanti told reporters Saturday.

"I was like, `Oh my god people do such things!` And it was very upsetting for me because for someone to use someone else`s concept to gain popularity is not good," she added.

Shanti came with her poster at the venue.

"That particular poster (`Babydoll`) was a replica of something I had done previously. That picture is right there and I had done that picture sometime ago. Then the same concept was done for her poster," Shanti said.

However, Shanti's dream to firm her foot in Bollywood has partially come alive after she was reportedly been roped in as an item girl for upcoming movie ‘Chal Doctor Doctor Khelein’.