Adnan Sami's visa expired, asked to leave India

Post his news of over staying in India, singer Adnan Sami has clarified that he is a law abiding citizen and has already applied for an extension of his Visa.

He said that his Visa expired on 6th October and before that only he had applied for a Visa extension on 14th September.

“This is to inform all concerned that my visa did expire on Oct 6, 2013. As per standard rules, I had made an application for extension of my visa to the concerned department of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in New Delhi on Sep 14, 2013, as they are the only authority to issue visa extensions.” Adnan said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Adnan also added, “This is a standard procedure that is followed by all foreigners and I have been following it for the past 14 years. Hence this year is no different. Until the visa extension is granted, I have to be in India as I cannot leave. The length of the process of granting visa extensions is at the discretion of the MHA issuing department”

Adnan has been staying on and off in India for the last 14 years on a business Visa. Adnan was given a notice on Tuesday by Mumbai police.

Adnan said, “The Mumbai Police is very much aware of my situation... The important part is that I have followed procedure as per routine since I respect all procedures, and have followed them throughout my 14 years of residence in India and will always continue to do so as a law abiding citizen.”

Mumbai police came to know about the singer’s overstaying during a court hearing. The court hearing was between Adnan and his ex-wife Sabah Galadari over possession of a duplex flat in Lokhandwala complex in Andheri.

“This whole controversy is due to my ex-wife who has been harassing me. I have been living in this country for 14 years and even applied for citizenship, which is still pending with the Government of India”, Adnan said.

After this incident, the MNS workers of film wing demanded that the singer should immediately leave the country.

Police also said that Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals are usually given an extension of a month after the expiry of their Visa as these people often visit the country for some important official work or medical treatment and often do not get time to visit MHA office in time.