Adnan Sami wins property case against wife

A sign of relaxation was seen on singer Adnan Sami when the Mumbai High court made hearing in his favor thereby discarding his wife Sabah’s plea to evict Adnan and his family out of the house. Sabah filed property case against Adnan claiming ownership over his house and property. When the court dismissed Sabah’s plea, Adnan felt relaxed as his father was almost lying in a dead bed.  

Relieved Adnan said, "It has been a traumatic time for me, what with my father lying critically ill in the same house that my wife wanted me out of. I was determined to have my parents stay in my house. Now the honorable court has dismissed my wife's plea to have us out. The honorable judge said that this case belongs to the family court, not the High Court. If Sabah decides to appeal I'm ready to give her a long and grueling battle ahead. I'm a lawyer, remember?"

Winning the property case has brought smile to Adnan’s sick father, "She wanted to take away my home and dog. If she had her way she'd snatch away my father as well. When my frail father heard that the High Court had ruled in my favor, he opened his eyes smiled and closed it again. That smile is all the vindication I needed."

Sabah filed a non-cognisable case against Adnan at the Oshiwara police station for "mental and physical torture”. She even complained against him for playing music too loudly.