Adnan Sami's secret woman

<a href='' title='Adnan Sami' class='article_display_tag' data-id='adnan-sami' id='article_tag_data_adnan-sami' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Adnan Sami</strong></a>Singer and music director Adnan Sami is in love. It happened during his super-successful tour of the US, Canada and UK.
Adnan even had to undergo a painful knee operation in London around the same time. Luckily for him, his sweetheart was there to console him and hold his hand.
That wonderful feeling

“Yes, I am in love,” Adnan admits happily. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be in love. I love to be in love. It’s an occupational hazard. She is an actress from the Hindi film industry, whom I met during the end of my tour in London.”

Is it Ameesha Patel? “No, not at all. Those were just rumours,” he grins mischievously. So why isn’t he naming her? “When we are ready to talk, I will announce her name. Now it’s too soon….”

His new love visited him in London. And when she returned a couple of weeks ago, she decorated his Andheri flat with bouquets. “Yes, she did all that and I found it very sweet! It was a wonderfully romantic thing to do and I was very touched,” the singer admits bashfully.

What about marriage?

If Adnan marries again, this would be his third marriage. “Marriage? Who knows? Let’s go with the flow…” he tells us. Is he against the institution of marriage? “No I am not disillusioned by it. I truly believe in marriage.”

Knee surgery

Adnan underwent surgery in July. “It was the most painful moment of my life,” he shudders. “I got lymph oedema (see box), which means lymphatic fluid pooled around my knees, causing my legs to swell.

I couldn’t walk or move, as the pain was so intense. I finally underwent surgery at Cromwell Hospital in London, which lasted for four-and-a-half hours. I was in ICU for four days, on artificial respirators for three days and had to get six blood transfusions. But now I am much better and can walk around again.”

Comfort food

During the tour, Adnan had decided to lose weight, but had to postpone the idea because of the operation. Because of “certain emotional disturbances in my life,” the singer had become “a voracious eater. Once I started, it was impossible to control my weight.”

Now that he is in love again will he stick to the diet? “Darling, when did I decide to go on a diet?” Adnan laughs.

Papa kehte the

“My father always told me, ‘son, whatever you do, you’ve got to have a sense of humour’. Seventeen years ago, when my dad had cancer and had been operated on, I asked him what he wanted. He said, ‘I could do with a stiff Scotch!’ I was amazed at his spirit and courage.

New album

Adnan is composing music for a couple of films. “My next album will also be ready for release by next year,” he says. He is also preparing for his next tour, in Australia. “I have never been there but I have heard it’s a wonderful place.”

Courtesy: Mid-Day