Adhyayan dumps Kangana, dating Shahana

Another relationship in B-Town has gone kaput. Adhyayan Suman breaks up with Kangana Ranaut. Their relationship turned sour due to Adhyayan’s proximity with Shahana Goswami and Kangana’s growing closeness with Barbara Mori’s brother Kintaro.

Shahana is Adhyayan’s love interest in ‘Jashn’ and the film brought the couple nearer to one another. After the shooting, the duo hangs around and spends quality time with each other. Buzz is that Shahaha once got warming from Mahesh Bhatt as she moves around the set uselessly when she has no scene to perform and distracts Adhayayan’s concentration.

About his growing closeness with Shahana, Adhyayan says, "Shahana and I are extremely close. We are buddies. This link-up is bound to happen since she is my co-star."

However, he avoids the question when asked what’s wrong between him and his first love. He let it pass by saying ‘It is too personal to comment.”