Actress Chahat Khanna delivers a baby girl, shares pic

Television actress Chahat Khanna, who is blessed with a baby girl on Friday shared an adorable picture of her baby girl a few minutes ago. Chahat and her businessman husband Farhan Mirza named their bundle of joy, Zohar.

In July, she had a traditional baby shower with her family and friends. Chahat before the baby birth expressed her desire of having a baby girl and it seems God has listened and fulfilled her wish.

Earlier, Chahat talked about her upcoming baby, “I am very happy and I have always love kids and always wanted to have one of my own. Boy or girl, I will love my child with my whole heart. But yes, I love daughters. If I don’t have a daughter, I will adopt a girl child in future.”

Chahatt, who is married to Farhan Mirza in 2013 had a feeling that her hubby will be a spoiled father, “He is more motherly than I am. He is the one who spoils all of them. I have pets at my house and my husband spoils and pampers them to the core.”

When asked will Chahat be the strict mom, she said, “I will be the loving kind for sure but yes a little bit of discipline is need".

Chahat was seen in soaps like 'Bade Aache Lagte Hain' and 'Qubool Hai'.

Here’s wishing Chahat and Farhan a happy parenthood!
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