AbRam is my best production, says father Shahrukh

Shahrukh Khan gets emotional while talking about his newborn AbRam. On May 27, Shahrukh Khan and Gauri are blessed with their third child, AbRam(variant of Abraham) and the birth of AbRam brings mixed feeling of joy and sorrow for Shahrukh Khan and his family. He is happy that he and Gauri are blessed with a baby boy and sad because of his health issue. However, proud father Shahrukh said that AbRam is his best production.

Much has been said and written about AbRam’s birth and Shahrukh wants his son to be untouched by the world.

"I am very happy that I am blessed by such a beautiful child. AbRam is my best production. I would not like to talk a lot about him because a lot of people have already spoken a lot of things before he deserved to or before my family or I could say anything. I think it was unfair for people to know half-truth and talk about it but I don't hold it against anyone," Shah Rukh told PTI.

"It is depressing and sad that someone who has just entered this world is subjected to my life. I would like him to be untouched by the world as much as possible," he said.

AbRam was born via surrogacy to SRK and Gauri on May 27 on 37 weeks of pregnancy. After birth, the little one spend seven weeks in hospital and still he is kept in a protected environment. The couple already has two children – Aryan and Suhana.

The 47year old actor added that his son has a dimple like him. This year is special for King Khan for two reasons. He became father for the third time and secondly, his new film ‘Chennai Express’ will arrive during Eid. He has thrown an Iftar party to celebrate both the occasions.

"This Eid is really going to be very special because I have a new member in my family... everything else is secondary. I am going to celebrate it with my family and close friends," Shah Rukh said.