Abhishek wants the media to leave his marriage alone

Much has been said about the romantic relationship and impending marriage plans between Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. Now actor Abhishek Bachchan seems exasperated about the topic and recently showed his displeasure when yet again he was quizzed about his relationship with the beautiful Miss Rai. Abhishek said “It’s not about truth or denial. We live our lives on a public platform and its okay for the media and the society to scrutinize our lives publicly. If I am a public figure I have to deal with all this. But I have never liked to speak about my personal life because that is all that I have got of my own.”
Although the actor refuses to confirm his relationship with Ash, in the same breath he says “I don’t believe in hiding anything and my life is an open book. As and when there is something to talk about I will talk about it. I like to keep my personal life private. The day I do get married I will tell everyone. I am not doing anything illegal anyways.”

Esha Deol’s mehendi tales

Recently Esha Deol was spotted parading around with deeply applied mehendi and obviously everyone thought that she had applied it for a friend’s wedding. However the actress claims that the mehendi was applied during her shooting for her upcoming film Just Married opposite Fardeen Khan. However Esha narrates a funny incident about her mehendi, a week after the mehendi was applied it began to fade and get lighter, but director Meghna wanted it to look prominent and dark for the entire film, so producer Rongita came up with a novel idea.

The mehendi had to look beautiful and at the same time it had to look the same in all the scenes, so Rongita ordered a special sketch pen from Mumbai and both the producer and director would personally sit and do the touch up of Esha’s mehendi. However Esha does confess that although the outcome looked splendid, sitting still for long hours while the duo did the touch up was quite tedious. Esha also claims that her mother Hema Malini has yet to see her recent film, but Esha is nervous to show her mother the film as she is very critical, but at the same time she appreciates her mother’s discerning advice.

Priyanka Chopra’s all set to be Abhishek Bachchan’s bodyguard

Priyanka is all set to play bodyguard to Abhishek Bachchan, but Ash need not worry as it is only for Goldie Behl’s film Drona. Every film that Priyanka does, she learns a lot of new and useful things. Last time round for Don, the actress went on a super fitness regime and even learnt martial arts. This time round too Priyanka has learnt Gatka, a Sikh form of martial art to play Abhi’s bodyguard in the film Drona. Priyanka confirms “I play Abhishek’s bodyguard in the film, conventional roles are changing in real life and cinema needs to respect that.”

Priyanka claims that Gatka is a fascinating form of self defense and she was trained by four professional Sikh men in the martial art form. Priyanka is happy to learn new things on the job and says “I definitely feel that this kind of preparation makes you a better actor. What’s the fun of doing films if you don’t cover new ground?” Priyanka has been shooting for the film in Prague in extremely chilled cold weather, but nonetheless enjoyed being there with her co-stars and their families. In this film too Priyanka will have a different look and she hopes that the audiences will appreciate her in this unconventional role.

Salman Khan turns to script writing

After painting, this time Salman has taken to writing a script which he hopes to make into a film tentatively titled Veer. However this is not the first time that Salman has penned a script, years ago Salman penned the script for the film Chandrmukhi which starred himself and Sridevi, unfortunately the film was a flop. Well now there is a buzz in the industry that once again Sallu bhai has penned a script which is close to his heart, will the film star himself and who will the lead actress be, may be real life girlfriend Katrina?

Well to know more about what the script of the film is about and who will play the leads, audiences will just have to wait as everyone who knows about the project seems to be pretty tight lipped about it. However some sources claim that Sajid Khan who is currently working on his first film Hey Baby will direct Salman’s film. But Sajid on his part claims there is no truth to these rumours. May be Salman Khan will shed some light on what’s the real dope on his secret script!

Shahid’s neck injury won’t stop him from dancing

Shahid Kapoor may currently not have any work on hand but the actor is not sulking as his not working is a choice that he has made himself, not because he is not getting films, but because he just does not want to do any and every film that comes his way, he is waiting patiently for the right script. Meanwhile Shahid who has a background of a dancer is all set to burn the dance floor with his dance moves at an awards function. Unfortunately the actor recently has also managed to sprain his neck and is suffering from acute pain right now.

Shahid was exercising at the gym and overdid it a bit and thus sprained his neck quite badly, the doctors have advised him to take complete rest. So is Shahid going to pull out from performing at the event? No way, the lad is going to defy doctor’s orders and continue to perform at the event; in fact Shahid will make a grand entry onto the stage in a harness. No doubt this could be dangerous but the dedicated actor says “a commitment is a commitment and I can’t back out. I’m taking injections and undergoing vigorous physio-therapy. I’ll take pain killer injections and will go on stage.” Now this is indeed some dedication. Recently Shahid has also been nominated in the category of best actor for his film Vivah.