Abhishek Bachchan drives Priyanka Chopra crazy!

<a href='//www.bollywoodmantra.com/celebrity/priyanka-chopra/' title='Priyanka Chopra' class='article_display_tag' data-id='priyanka-chopra' id='article_tag_data_priyanka-chopra' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Priyanka Chopra</strong></a>Does he or does he not? Abhishek Bachchan called her his heartthrob on national television and now an over-the-moon Priyanka Chopra is hoping that the Small B meant what he said.
The former Miss World who replaced Aishwarya Rai opposite Abhishek in Rohan Sippi's forthcoming film Bluff Master, admits she's still in a state of suspended disbelief.
"I went crazy when I heard that Abhishek had gone on air to say he would die for me. Although I missed the programme, I came to know because the whole industry was talking about us. I know he must have made those comments for fun but my intial reaction was - Oh God! What if it's really true? I wish he was sincere about all those things he said," she quips.
Her heart-and-seek with Abhishek apart, Priyanka insists she had no intention of taking the role away from Ash. According to her: "I never try to snatch roles from anyone. Circumstances were such that I had to say yes to Bluff Master. However I spoke to Ash about it and clarified matters. I respect her a lot and don't want any kind of confusion between us."

Undeterred by the dismal box office performance of films like Yakeen, Waqt and Karam, Priyanka says she's now looking forward to her role in the remake of the 1978 blockbuster Don.

"I think the shooting will start sometime in February next year. It's supposed to be made along the same lines as the original. My role in the film will most certainly be influenced by character that Zeenatji (Zeenat Aman) portrayed," she says.

At least in this case Priyanka thinks imitation would be a form of flattery.

"I feel I am lucky to have been cast in the same role that Zeenatji did. It would be a real honour to enact or seem to be influenced by someone who was regarded as the undisputed glam gal of her era. I have been watching Don over and over again and trying to understand the nuances of her performance. If my director and others expect me to look and act like Zeenatji, then I will do my best not to disappoint them," she says.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times