Abhijeet Bhattarcharya, Nana Patekar slam Salman Khan

Singer Abhijeet Bhattachary highly criticized Bollywood actor Salman Khan for questioning the banning of Pakistani artistes working in India. Abhijeet also accused Salman Khan of being “ashamed to show loyalty to India” and supporting terrorism.

Abhijeet’s comment against Salman came up after Salman Salman expressed his views when Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) gave ultimatun to Pak artists working in Indian showbiz. Th actor said on Friday, “They are artists. What do you think… Are artists terrorists? They come to India with visa. Who gives them the visa? Our (Indian) government gives them a visa. The government gives them the work permit.”

Bhattacharya on Saturday tweeted: “Pakistani and Indian artists have one thing common, both enjoy India’s money, love, fame and both are anti-India anti-Indian Army #SalmanKhan. Fawad Khan shows true patriotism towards his country Pakistan, whilst Bollywood’s Salman Khan is ashamed to show loyalty to India.” The singer also claimed Salman is busy shooting films with Pakistan talent and doesn’t pay any heed to the issues of the country.

He posted: “Superstars don’t watch news of #UriAttack #Pakistan killing, shooting, butchering Indians, they are busy too. shooting with Pakis”.

The singer also referred to Salman’s infamous 2002 hit-and-run case. Bhattacharya posted, “Because of our law machinery, Salman Khan is roaming free and supporting terrorism.”

At an event in Pune talented Bollywod actor Nana Patekar also slammed Salman Khan. Without naming Salman, he said, “No artiste is bigger than my country. They are as minuscule as a mosquito. My country comes first. I have served for the army for 2.5 years and I know that our soldiers are the real heroes of the nation, and not anyone else.”

When Patekar was further asked about Bollywood diving on Pak actors working in India, highly fumed Nana Patekar replied, “Those who keep blabbering-and you know who I am talking about- can keep blabbering. They are nothing in front of our soldiers and nation. Do not give so much importance to what they speak-they don’t deserve it.”