Abhi jealous of Ash

The entire world is at her feet. She is the darling of millions of heart and most sought after actress of Bollywood. Her beauty is indefinable. Obviously if so many goodies belong to one, her better-half who is still struggling to create a niche would obvious be envy with his partner but the case in Ash and Abhi is completely different. Yes, it is true that Abhi is jealous of Ash but not for her success but for one of her fans of whom he is also a great admirer. He is none other than Hollywood famous star and Ash’s co-star of Pink Panther 2, Steve Martin.

Abhishek remarks, "We were at the premiere of ‘Pink Panther 2’ and it was great fun. It’s a hilarious film. Steve Martin is a genius. I am very jealous of Ash. He is someone I have been idolising when I was growing up. And Ash gets the opportunity to work with the likes of Steve Martin and Jeremy Irons!"

Ash and Abhi are doing a couple of films together and they are happy the way their personal and professional life is progressing.