Abhi changes his look for one day

The Bachchan junior is trapped between Balki’s ‘Paa’ and Mani’s ‘Raavan’, his schedule is so hectic that he finds no time to take a break and what makes his timetable more tight is his changing look. If in Mani Ratnam’s 'Raavan', Abhishek Bachchan sports a moustache then in ‘Paa’ he is sporting a clean shaved. To complete one day shoot of ‘Paa’, Abhi not only rushed to Kuala Lumpur but also gets rid off his beard which he had grown for ‘Raavan’.

Says Abhishek, “The new clean-shaven look was needed. It was just one day’s shoot for Paa. Now for next week I have to go back to the earlier look for Mani’s look.”

Moreover, Abhishek’s ‘Raavan’ look was the most liked one among fans and many even requested Abhishek to keep his moustache permanently as it suits him very much.

However, he has to go for another look for Abhinay Deo’s untitled film.

Really, it’s no easy to essay any character, along with the role; you have to change their outlook too.