Aamir to play a baddie in ‘Robot 2’?

Looks like Aamir Khan has taken a liking towards playing bad guys in films. After playing a dual villain role in the blockbuster ‘Dhoom 3’ last year, he may turn to the dark side again for the Rajinikanth starrer ‘Robot 2’ (‘Endhiran 2’ in Tamil).

Aamir’s next film ‘P.K.’ releases in December this year but already speculation is rife about what will be Aamir’s next project. Since Aamir only takes up only film at a time, his decision is something to watch out for. If all goes well, then Aamir’s next project can be the sequel to Rajinikanth starrer blockbuster. The film directed by Shankar is still in developmental stage and is expected to go to the floors next year. A source close to the director has said, “Preliminary talks are on to sign Aamir…Given the popularity of the original, which co-starred Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, it was natural for the makers to consider a second film. The modalities are currently being discussed." 

This is the second time director Shankar is attempting to include Aamir into the ‘Robot’ franchise. The director had originally planned to make the original ‘Robot’ with Shahrukh Khan playing the lead role. SRK was also supposedly interested in producing this sci-fi action film. However, this ultimately did not work out because of the creative differences between Shankar and Shahrukh. After that Shankar had approached Aamir Khan to do the film but he too turned down the project. Finally Shankar took the project to Tamil icon Rajinikanth who accepted it and made it a blockbuster. This time however, Aamir has been offered the role of the antagonist. Aamir has come a long way since his days of playing the chocolate hero. He has been experimenting with his films and roles and in the process setting milestones in the history of Indian films. 

While Aamir’s involvement in the project has given rise to lot of speculations, the project itself has been causing news for years now. Right after the release of the first film, the director expressed his interest in making a sequel. But Rajinikanth reportedly rejected the initial proposal. Then Rajinikanth’s health declined and the project was shelved. Few months ago, reports began to surface that the superstar from south his given his nod to the project. However one hurdle still remains and that is the budget. The budget of the sequel has been estimated at around 200 crore and so far only Reliance Big Pictures has shown interest to back that budget.