Aamir stands out in Ghajini promo

Few days back when the first look of Ghajini unveiled, it became the hot topic of discussion in and out of the industry. Now the versatile actor has gifted Diwali present to his fans by unfolding the first promo of the flick. The promo that flaunted his eight packs abs and showed him footing rigorously on someone's head and his bold starring has taken away the breathe of all. The perfectionist wins in garnering the attention of the audience. The promo is spellbound and it tells how appealing the product is going to be.

"We were planning to release the film on Diwali, but it did not happen because of my injury, so we decided to at least unveil its first look on this day," Aamir told reporters. He also wished everyone a happy Diwali.

After a long time, Aamir has tried something on hardcore commercial and speaking about his experience, "Ghajini is important for me as it is an out and out commercial movie, which I am doing after a long time." Though the actor believes in originality and uniqueness, the point that lures him to remake the Tamil flick in Hindi is its concept.