Aamir Khan's son Azad makes TV debut

Aamir Khan’s new TV show, ‘Satyamev Jayate’ is making news for varied reason. First, Aamir had to face the ire of his wife Kiran for shooting the promo inside his Bandra house and blemishing the privacy and now he went a step ahead by shooting a promo featuring Azad without Kiran’s knowledge. However, he has decided to keep the footage strictly for family viewing as Kiran does not like the promo of Azad to watch by all.

The actor admits, "Half the time I shot the campaign, Azad was in my lap," and adds, "Once when Kiran wasn't around, we even shot a promo featuring Azad. At first, I told her that we shot a promo with him and it looked very good. Then I told her that I was kidding and we wouldn't use it."

Aamir said that Azad is a happy baby with good temperament and an amazing smile. Aamir, however, says that he gets to meet his child only at night as he is busy working outside.

"Earlier, I was working from home, so I spent a lot more time with him. But now that I'm shooting and return late, I wake him up very gently." Adding, "When he sees me, his face lights up. I spend an hour or so with him before going to bed."

Recalling the days when Junaid and Ira, Aamir's kids with ex-wife Reena, were born, the actor said, "I spent a lot of time at home after Junaid was born. During Ira's birth, I was working. So I'd spend as much time with her and Junaid when I got home".

The presence of Kiran and Azad on the set of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ makes Aamir emotional, he states, "So one thing that is anchoring my emotions while the show is on is the presence of Kiran and Azad around me."