Aamir sneak peep into Big B’s new look

New things always excite Aamir and if it is something innovative regarding his professional then he never misses the opportunity to experience it and adopt it. Similar kind of situation arose last Saturday when Mr Bachchan was shooting for Balki’s 'Pa' and when Aamir Khan dropped on the set to catch a glimpse of the new look of Amitabh which is yet to be revealed in the media.

Aamir on landing at the Film City where the shooting of Balki's (R. Balakrishnan's) Paa was in progress was guided to Bachchan’s van where make-up artist Stephen Dupuis was working on Big B’s new and refreshing look.

Aamir has been the luckiest person to get a glimpse of Big B’s look while others like Sanjay Dutt and Ranbir Kapoor walked away without witnessing his never-seen-before look.

Here director Balki seemed to be little worried about the new look being leaked out; he is taking all precautions to prevent this from happening. Expressing his views on this, Balki, who worked with Amitabh in Cheeni Kum, says, “We don't allow a single visitor, not even close relatives or friends of crew members on the set. Phones, of course, are a complete no-no. The next thing you know the look will be splashed on the Net. Aamir, of course, couldn't be turned down. But yes, we did swear him to complete secrecy almost like a Boy Scout's cross-your-heart kind of pledge.” So Aamir Khan also has been sworn into secrecy.

Balki's Pa also stars Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan.