Aamir, Shahrukh, Abhi, Ash spend time with kids on Children’s day

It seems like many of our stars decided to bond with little kids on the special occasion of children’s day. Aamir Khan bonded with kids as his first directorial debut Taare Zameen par is based on kids. Shahrukh Khan too took the opportunity to promote his film with the little ones on their big day. Ash who is part of an NGO for young children was also seen attending an event for little children. So whilst some of ours stars were using the opportunity to simply promote their films, it seemed like some of them genuinely wanted to make the children happy on children’s day.
Actor Aamir Khan’s directorial debut Taare Zameen Par will be releasing soon and the film is based on children. While Aamir was shooting for the film, he bonded with all the children on the sets, including the main star kid with whom he spent maximum time. Yesterday was children’s day, and hence Aamir was once again seen bonding with little kids, he hosted a radio show for kids. Aamir Khan considers children close to his heart and on the occasion said “I think parents need to be more relaxed. This trend where every child should get 90 per cent is not right. We have to develop multiple faculties. We should encourage that.” Even while shooting for his film Taare Zameen Par, Aamir shot for only a limited period of time with the kids as he wanted to give them ample of free time to play and indulge in other activities. He also set up a special school on the sets for the kids to study. Aamir said “I took special care that time doesn't exceed and that the children get their freedom on the sets. Their attention span is small, so one needs to keep that in mind.”

Meanwhile actor Shahrukh Khan too took the opportunity to promote his hit film Om Shanti Om with kids, he held a special screening of the film for kids at a suburban theatre and he too was present to bond with the children at the event. Saawariya stars Sonam and Ranbir’s debut film may not have hit the box-office effectively, but that did not deter them from bonding with little children. Sweet Sonam was seen distributing sweets amongst kids along with Ranbir.

Aishwarya Rai may not have an upcoming release, but the actress is ever willing to be there for a good cause. Ash has been part of a children’s organisation for some time now, hence when she was invited by them for a children’s function, she made it a point to attend along with husband Abhishek Bachchan. Ash also gave a message to little children, she claimed that they should always be respectful to their parents and that they should reach out and try and make their little dreams come true. With encouragement from the some of the biggest stars, the young kids no doubt had a wonderful time on children’s day.