Aamir says ‘PK’ poster approved by Government

<PK>Actor Aamir Khan and director Rajkumar Hirani has submitted their reply in the Mumbai civil court regarding the lawsuit over the poster of their upcoming film ‘PK’. It was earlier reported by the media that a social activist Hemant Patil has filed a lawsuit seeking a ban on the film and its poster on the grounds of promoting obscenity and vulgarity through nudity.   Based on the petition of the complainant, Civil Judge M S Sharma had asked Aamir to file a reply by August 25. The Judge had also asked the complainant’s lawyer R N Kachave to prove to the court that a case of vulgarity can be initiated against the actor and the makers.

After filling their reply Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani has slammed the activist Hemant Patil, questioned his locus standi for seeking a ban on their forthcoming film 'PK' for its widely-publicized nude poster featuring Aamir Khan himself. They said that the petitioner had not been able to prove to the court that the poster was vulgar and constituted nudity in an obscene manner.

The duo said in their reply, "It is ludicrous for the plaintiff to commence an action on such a flimsy ground, especially when there is a quasi-judicial authority that is authorized to deal with such issues." They said in their reply that the ‘controversial’ poster had been duly cleared by the Government body, Film Publicity Screening Committee that does a screening of film posters to stop obscenity, violence and depiction of women in derogatory manner. Hence, by virtue of the approval given by a Government body to this impugned poster, the suit filed by the activist was not maintainable in law and should be dismissed by the court. They also argued that the film is not yet complete and some portions of the film are yet to be shot. Since the film was not completely shot, the question of Central Board of Film Certification examining the film, does not arise.

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan has made it clear that they will be using more posters to increase interest about the film and also to confuse the audience regarding the film’s plot. Aamir has said, "Normally, films promos are launched first but we have decided to launch a series of posters with 'PK'. Every two to three weeks, there will be a new poster which will be introduced. We will have a poster campaign...We will release eight to ten posters till the time the film is released…We want to confuse the people with the release of every poster. But there is a story in each and every image that we reveal."