Aamir’s wife Kiran admitted to hospital again

Fever, pregnancy and now lung infection, Kiran Rao is repeatedly making news for her health issue. After recently getting discharged from hospital, Kiran is admitted again. Doctors after investigation discovered that she is suffering from lung infection.

During her first admission, report hit the headlines that Kiran Rao is pregnant but Aamir refused to comment on the issue. At present Aamir is more concern about Kiran’s health than anything else. For a month long Kiran was not keeping in good health and now Aamir heaved a sigh of relief as doctors had diagnosed her disease and with proper medication she may get back in good health.

Aamir is very much concern about Kiran’s health. In spite of hectic schedule, he manages to remain by her side. He attends Kiran at night in hospital and heads for home in the morning.