Aamir loses sleep, appetite

Perfectionist Aamir Khan makes any film with much care and dedication and so his expectation from any of his flicks also remains sky high. After Taare Zameen Par, it's Ghajini that has taken the sleep of the actor. Before the film release, Aamir lost his sleep and appetite and went into 'prenatal depression'; he was in no way feeling relaxed thereby losing his appetite and sleep. He walked around like a zombie.

What Aamir went through before the release of his much hyped film has been expressed by him in the following words, "The last 24 hours have been (the) most traumatic… I am emotionally totally drained… just before any of my films release I go into a pendulum mode. One sec I feel very optimistic about the film and the next I'm sure no one's going to like it. I lose my smile, my appetite (and) my sleep."

"On the whole, I am listless and walk around like a zombie. Vidhu Vinod Chopra accurately described it as prenatal depression. The film is about to be delivered and will be out of our systems so to speak. Then, it will have a life of its own which we have absolutely no control over," he wrote on his blog.

Aamir remarks that remaking any hit film is not a matter of joke. If not exceptional it should be of the same level like the original one. "It's too tough making films. All the two years of planning, preparation, creative discussions, the struggle to shoot the film and the sleepless nights of post-production ultimately culminate in a three-hour experience in the darkness of a cinema hall", wrote Aamir.