Aamir Khan’s appointment with PM today

Aamir Khan has always been a celebrity that loved standing out from the crowd. Even his career is a testimonial to the fact. He has always given more priority to script than co-stars, directors and production banners. The off bet characters that he have portrayed are still an ode to his thinking mind. Who can forget the roles he played in the movies ‘Lagaan’, ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Tare Zameen Par’. Therefore, when he decided to appear in the small screen, his fans expected fresh concepts from him and did he deliver? Oh yes, he did.

He didn’t go on to host run off the mill game shows and wit less reality shows. Aamir Khan’s focus was always to address the social issues and raise the concerns through a mass reach that the television media offered. His program "Satyamev Jayate" did just that. This program showed the Indian nation about the rampant malpractices of domestic violence, child sexual abuse and female feticide. The exorbitant pricing of medicine in the pharmaceutical industry and the option of mass producing generic drugs has attracted the attention of the government and the people alike. It is a process of getting the life saving drugs at much much less than the market price.

Therefore, public interest is palpably high on the news of the actor meeting the Prime minister of India today. He is supposed to speak about the plight of the manual scavengers in India who clean the excreta. The spokes person for Aamir Khan stated on Sunday that "We had sought an appointment with the Prime Minister and Aamir would be meeting him tomorrow morning."

In the recent episode of "Satyamev Jayate" the forty seven year old actor highlighted the plight of the social outcasts that are associated with this degrading manual labor. At present, almost 300,000 people are working in this profession, throughout the vast landscape of India.

The unbearable living standards of these people and the way the society marks them as outcast is completely unbearable and is a stigma in the Indian society. We surely hope that the meeting between Mr. Aamir Khan and the PM will yield favorable response and concrete steps will be taken forward to improve the conditions of the scavengers.

Let keep our fingers crossed and wish all the best to Aamir for the good work that he is spreading around. Way to go Indian Idol.