Aamir Khan unhappy with his Ghajini look

Though Aamir Khan is fed-up attending phone calls of his admirers and frustrated over continuous SMSs, the actor is not at all content with his Ghajini look which he has unveiled to the world recently. The actor who keeps doing things repeatedly until he reaches the perfection point feels that he could have done even better if he had not taken a break in the mid-way.
Aamir is an actor who studies every scene minutely and judges it from different angle and does not up his thump until and unless he achieves satisfaction. Though the world is going gaga over his killer look, stunning abs and dynamic posture, the perfectionist cannot help thinking of doing much better than what he has done.

He expressed his regret in his latest blog amirkhan.com. There the actor states, "So what do y'all think of the first look of 'Ghajini'? Actually I could have gotten into better shape. Had to stop training during the release of TZP, so, lost a month and a half there. But it was impossible for me to train through that period. And I was also a little careless with my diet around that time Grrr... How I wish I had found the mental strength to keep at it."

Well Aamir, we liked your killer street-fighter look and don’t feel that it’s a word of solace but we are speaking our heart.