Aamir Khan turns 'Chambal Ka Daku'

Be it on advertisements or films, Aamir Khan is one such hero who doesn’t think twice to get into the image of the character he plays. He works hard on his look may be it growing thick moustache for months long or building up rough and touch body. After ‘Dhoom 3’, Aamir Khan will get into a new avatar of ‘Chambal Ka Daku’.

Aamir Khan will play a dacoit in Maqbool Khan’s next ‘Chambal Safari’.  The film speaks about weird satire on Chambal valley where Aamir plays Bachua Daku.

Maqbool said, “It’s too early to discuss the cast. All I can say is, Aamir is the man for the part. I am making a black comedy ‘Chambal Safari.’”

“It’s about a bunch of dacoits in Chambal going through a lean phase in their career as bandits. The Madhya Pradesh government has rehabilitated them under a scheme called ‘Chambal Safari’ whereby the dacoits have become tourist guides,” added Maqbool.