Aamir Khan to pair opposite Kate Winslet

Report is doing the round that Aamir Khan will be paired opposite Oscar winner Kate Winslet in a film to be directed by Pan Nalin. The director is in talk with the stars and he will work on the film after getting nod from Aamir Khan and Kate Winslet. The story is an adaptation of legendary Pakistani playwright Saadat Hasan Manto`s short story ‘Toba Tek Singh’ which speaks about the comic situation inside an Indian mental asylum in 1947, when India and Pakistan were being created.

Pan Nalin has two names in his mind. If Kate opts out then he will enroll Rachel Weisz for playing the role of Dr Sophie. Confirming the news, Nalin said “Either Kate or Rachel will be doing my film. I will be meeting both of them after my Cannes trip to finalise the casting. Either of them will be able to do justice to this marvelous story.”

Pan has already narrated the script to Aamir Khan and he is impressed. Aamir is keen to be a part of the movie. If Aamir signs the film then we will get to see him in the role of a lunatic in a mental asylum.

If the film shape up then it will be very exciting to see Aamir playing Kate’s hero.