Aamir Khan to lip-lock a new girl in ‘Dhoom 3’

Yash Raj’s high octane action drama, ‘Dhoom 3’ is coming up and preparation for the movie is on. The flick is assumed to have high voltage of action, high dosage of style and immense romance. Aamir Khan is working on his fitness to get into the skin of the character and the banner is in full force haunting for the new face opposite Aamir.  

It is heard that they have decided on a new gal from North India and she is making a frequent visit to the Yash Raj studio. The girl will be trained to match up to the level of the perfectionist. The greatest challenge before the debutante is that she has to smooch the actor and has to wear a swimsuit.

She will be trained physically and mentally to take up the challenge with ease.  

Keep on guessing till Yash Raj declares the lucky one who grabbed the meaty role opposite Aamir.