Aamir Khan sues Times of India

Aamir Khan has reportedly sued the Times of India for a whooping Rs 21 crore for using his picture to promote the Filmfare Awards without his permission and for attributing false quotes to him.
Aamir Khan currently in Poland for the shooting of his film Fanaah served a notice on February 22 to The Times of India, its publisher Bennett, Coleman and two other parties. The ad which appeared on 20 February had Aamir’s picture as well as the quote, “I incited a revolt to win her over! Aamir Khan on the Lady in Black”. According to sources Aamir’s image has been used to promote the Filmfare Awards so not only is he entitled to an endorsement fee, but he should also be compensated by the publishers as they did not seek his permission before using the ad.

Aamir’s lawyer Anand Desai of DSK Legal confirmed that they had sent a legal notice to The Times of India regarding the ad. He also claimed that Aamir has not said the words which have been attributed to him or authorised the paper to publish his photograph in endorsement of the ad. He stated that along with the compensation of Rs 21 crore they had also demanded a written apology within a week, however the paper had not yet replied.

Aamir has also prohibited the paper from using his picture or image to promote or endorse any event or product without his written consent. He has also asked them to refrain from attributing false quotes to him in the future.

It is a well known fact that Aamir Khan does not attend many Indian awards functions, as he does not consider them to be a true evaluation of talent. Let’s hope that Filmfare is able to get out of this sticky situation.