Aamir Khan speaking Bhojpuri after ‘P.K’

Aamir Khan is known to go to great lengths for a faithful portrayal of the character he is playing. While doing his landmark film ‘Lagaan’, he learnt the Avadhi dialect for his rural character. For the film ‘Talaash’ he learnt Marathi and also swimming for the underwater shots. A source close to the actor has revealed, "He had not been allowed to step into a pool as a child because his mother was terrified that he might drown. Years later, he not only learnt swimming but even dived underwater when filming Talaash."  His next film ‘P.K’ will also bear the stamp of his dedication to his craft.

The superstar actor has spoken Bhojpuri in the film and during the course of learning he picked up the language so well that he has started speaking it in real life. If someone runs into Aamir these days, it is very likely that the actor will greet him in Bhojpuri instead of English or Hindi. He is also speaking the language with his staff, colleagues, friends and even kids. The source said, “When he was shooting for the film, Aamir simply learnt his lines and rattled them off. But he took a shine to the language and decided that when he had the time, he would learn Bhojpuri properly…He will order tea in Bhojpuri, suddenly break into the language in the middle of a conversation and sees you off with a `Phir milab'." He currently has a tutor at home who coaches him the language, but Aamir being Aamir does not restrict himself to lessons only and puts the language to use. When contacted, Aamir’s spokesperson confirmed the news and said, "Yes, these days, Aamir is speaking to everyone around in Bhojpuri." 

‘P.K’ will be releasing in December this year but director Rajkumar Hirani is yet to fully complete the shoot. A source close to the production said, "P. K. still has some portions that haven't been shot, including a song that will be filmed across India." Apparently, Aamir needs to lose weight for the shooting. The source added, "Aamir has to lose weight for the shoot and get a toned body. The shoot will most likely happen in August or September." The shoot will take 10 to 15 days and the director has been getting things ready on his part. After the shooting, the final post production of ‘P.K’ will begin. The film also stars Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjay Dutt.