Aamir Khan soon to campaign for a new cause

After Aamir Khan lent his support to the Narmada Bachao Andolan campaign, where he voiced support for the rehabilitation of thousands of displaced people, Aamir is now all set to lend his support to Kashmiri Pandits who have been ousted from their own land. In spite of the major controversy that Aamir got himself into when he lent his support for the Narmada cause, the actor will continue to support any cause that he thinks and believes is right. Aamir is a determined person and he will voice his opinion fearlessly.
In the 90’s approximately four lakh Kashmiri Pandits were driven out from Kashmir Valley by terrorists. They were ruthlessly killed, their houses were burnt, their children were tortured and women were morbidly raped. All this was done to drive them out of their homeland. However, now many of them want to return to their land, but are in dire need of help from the Indian government. Aamir Khan has confirmed that he will be supporting the Kashmiri Pandits in their ongoing struggle to regain their lost homes. Aamir says “This educated community has suddenly found itself on the streets. I will appeal to the people of Kashmir to support me in this cause and give back the Pandits their homes.”

Aamir is currently on vacation with his family after completing his film Fanaa. However on his return he intends to visit refugee camps, talk to displaced Pandits and finally talk to the state and central government about their rehabilitation. Aamir Khan also plans to lead a delegation of celebrities like Anupam Kher, Mahesh Bhatt and Ashok Pandit to Kashmir Valley. Veteran actor Anupam Kher and noted filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt will also be lending their support to Kashmiri Pandits. Anupam Kher says “The government is open to talks with other parties, but the Kashmiri Pandits are being ignored. Hence with Aamir’s assistance we will put forth our requests.” Director Mahesh Bhatt has applauded Aamir for taking up the cause of Kashmiri Pandits, even though he is a Muslim.

In another move to communicate directly with his fans, Aamir is also in the process of launching his official website. After the recent spate of controversies surrounding Aamir and his movie Fanaa and also to avoid being misunderstood by both the media and his fans, Aamir has decided to use his official website as a means to keep communication lines between himself and his fans open. His official website will be www.aamirkhan.com. However the site is still in the process of development and when one logs onto the site, there is a message from Aamir saying “Right now I am in the process of putting my official page together. Leave your email address and I shall let you know when it is up.” Aamir, the normally reclusive actor is definitely making a grave effort to reach out to all his fans.