Aamir Khan’s ‘Peepli [Live]’ enters Oscar

Perfectionist Aamir Khan has done it again. His film ‘Peepli [Live]’ has made an officially entry to the 83rd Academy Awards. The film which has won worldwide acclamation has finally been nominated for the Oscars.

Peepli Live has been selected as India`s official entry for the Oscars out of 27 films”, informs Supran Sen, secretary general of the Film Federation of India. ‘Peepli [Live]’ is a comical satire of a farmer which shows how politicians and media make the suicide case of a farmer an issue for their individual profit.

This is not the first time that Aamir Khan’s films had made to the Hollywood prestigious awards. In the Past, it was ‘Laagan’ and Taare Zameen Par’ selected to represent India in the international level. Unfortunately, he missed it. Let’s hope Aamir becomes lucky for the third time.