Aamir Khan refuses lucrative brand offer

Aamir Khan has a niche of his own which is unparalleled by any other star, not even his contemporaries. He has a different take on the understanding of Indian cinema, the mind-set of the youth, and what might work best at the box-office.

Recently he made his first appearance as a TV show host for “Satyamev Jayate” that made the nation sit upright even on Sunday mornings. He took up such issues that may be the world knows about but does not have the spine to embrace it. Issues like female infanticide, domestic violence, and child sexual abuse were discussed openly on national television.

Aamir is also known as a philanthropist and has been closely associated with various social issues. Bollywood is at a high in this phase with every actor stuffing their pockets and bank accounts with crores. Events, dance shows, endorsements, profit percentage in films and item numbers and many more avenues have opened up to actors to make the most of their earnings in this phase.

However, what now comes as a surprise is Aamir’s stand. He recently turned down an offer to endorse a luxury automobile brand. The car brand was offering him crores for the endorsement which he chose to refuse as it had nothing to do with a social cause.

A source close to the actor said, "Aamir only wants to work on ads that are socially relevant. He is rumored to have cancelled ad deals amounting to a few crores. He did not sign up for it as it didn’t come under the umbrella of social issues."

After turning host for Satyamev Jayate, Aamir finds it unsuitable for him to go about endorsing any brand. Thus the actor has changed certain contracts that he was bound to and has also cancelled some.

The show ended some months back, but Aamir wants to keep up his image of a social campaigner and also does not want the society to forget about what he preached in the show and afterwards.

Earlier Aamir had said on a television chat show, talking about Satyamev Jayate, “The show has brought me in touch with reality and taught me so much in the last two years that it can never be measured in money.” He added, “As creative persons, we entertain people, but we also feel we have to contribute to our society by bringing about improvement in the social fabric and inculcate better values.”

Aamir clearly seems to be standing by his words.