Aamir Khan learns tap dance for 'Dhoom 3'

The Dhoom series have always generated highly enthusiastic response from the fans and the release of the third instalment of the franchise on 20th December is highly anticipated. Excitement is running high because this time Aamir Khan is appearing in the roleof the anti hero in the film. The smoking hot Katrina Kaif is another new face in the film while Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will continue in their earlier roles. Aamir is well known for delivering a blockbuster at Christmas and his fans are thus eagerly waiting for the movie.

As a part of a well thought out publicity campaign, the Yash Raj Films is releasing only half a minute long teasers before the release of the film. One such trailer shows the perfectionist actor of Bollywood showing off his dancing skills. A recently released teaser shows Aamir Khan tap dancing his way into the film. The trademark bowler hat and sleeveless jacket completes the picture and the chiselled pecs peeping from the jacket cannot hurt either. With the hands hooked into the pockets, the actor effortlessly taps his way to the tune. In Dhoom 2, Hrithik Roshan had set a new standard for dancing. It remains to be seen whether Aamir Khan can match or even cross this when it comes to dancing.

Though the competition is tough, not for nothing is Aamir known as Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood. The actor had taken a 50 day training in tap dance before filming the scene. He had flown to Australia to take the training in the grungy form of tap dance which is one of the most complex form of the dance. Aamir trained directly under choreographer Dein Perry who has directed the choreography for the song. Dein is known for his exceptional work during the opening ceremony of the Sidney Olympics and the famous film, Happy Feet 2. Aamir worked with the students of Dein whose average age group range from 10 to 24 years. However, the 40+ actor had no great difficulty in keeping up with the much younger crowd.

"Aamir had visited Dein Perry's academy in Australia to learn the grungy tap dance. After the training was done, the dance team came to India to shoot the song," said a spokesperson for the film.

With Katrina trying acrobatics in the song Malang and Aamir showing off his tap dancing skills in a video clip titled Dhoom tap, the anticipation regarding the film is rising steadily.