Aamir Khan lands a hotel owner into trouble

Perfectionist Aamir Khan has taken a different strategy to promote his upcoming film ‘3 Idiots’. His unique way of promoting ‘3 Idiots’ unknowingly landed a hotel owner into trouble. The hotel owner in Mughalsarai served a legal notice for allowing the actor to stay in his hotel without proper verification.

The police claim that the hotel owner Vansha of Saraswati Vansha Narain Singh did not do a proper verification of the actor and allowed him to stay in his hotel. The police ordered the hoteliers for proper verification of the guests in view of the terror threat.

Aamir Khan along with 10 others of the marketing people booked seven rooms and stayed in the hotel from Dec 10 to 13. The hotel is about 10 kms away from the holy town of Varanasi. Varanasi has been a religious place and always been under the terror threat of the Taliban.