Aamir Khan kisses wife Kiran Rao

That the couple is truly, madly and deeply in love is very well exposed by the February edition of Verve magazine. On the cover page of the magazine, Aamir Khan was seen kissing wife Kiran Rao on her cheeks. The understanding and compatibility level strengthen between the two with time.

Their relationship became stronger with ‘Dhobi Ghat’ filming. They better understand each other and love between them glows as time passes. Till then they understand each other personally but after ‘Dhobi Ghat’, they started understanding each other professionally. 

Aamir and Kiran’s love for one another is crystal clear, there is no any mix and match. Kiran knows Aamir knew her in and out and Aamir loves the way Kiran is. There is playfulness, simplicity, acceptance, innocence in Aamir-Kiran’s love.

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