Aamir Khan is My Favorite Actor, Sheena Chohan

Actress Sheena Chohan's walks Red carpet 1st day at Shanghai International festival, China for 'Ant Story' which had its world premiere at Dubai International festival 2013,  got nominated for Golden goblet Awards at Shanghai International Film festival in China which kicked off on 14th June, 2014 . The event witnessed the leading lady of the movie, actress Sheena Chohan, walking the red carpet. She wore a beautiful red lehenga paired with elegant white blouse from Pepermint diva.

She was also seen with hollywood celebrity Hugh Grant at the red carpet. Commenting on the same, Sheena says “It’s a pleasure to be a part of this great event. 1st day of the event was a huge success. It's a matter of great pride; our film 'Ant story' was introduced at the festival. Besides it was such an honour to meet some great stars here, Nicole Kidman, Jackie chan.

Also I am extremely happy that people loved my look at the red carpet. I am definitely looking forward to coming days. I am sure there's lot in store at the festival. "

Here's our Exclusive Interview with Sheena Chohan,

Q1. How will you describe your journey from Lakme Miss Kolkata to ‘Ant Story’.

I hail from cultural city of Kolkata and had won the coveted Lakme Miss Kolkata Title in school. I also won Cinderella Beauty and Talent- Kolkata. In 2010 i was handpicked by Sushmita Sen to participate in “Miss India Universe -I am She” where i won the “I Am Voice” title for best expression and connectivity.

I had done many TVC(s) for brands like Sonia Bravia, Wella, Videocon, V-Guard, Enkay Garden and Green Rich Tea. My first Advert was with Kunal Kohli Productions, with director Vicky Bahri was my first in Mumbai
Since school days  theatre was my passion, where i did plays like Shakespeare’s “A midsummer night’s dream” and “Adhe adhure” with thespian Shyamanand Jalan, .I  moved to Delhi with Asmita Theatre group and did a play “ Ek mamooli aadmi” with eminent theatre director Arvind Gaur. I started my film career with a malayalam blockbuster “The Train” directed by National Award winning director Jayaraj. I was cast opposite south superstar Mammootty.  After my south film,In 2012 I was approached by Buddhadev Dasgupta and did 2 films with Buddhadeb Dasgupta named “Mukti” and “Patralekha” based on Rabindranath Tagores Poems.

In 2013 Mostofa Sarwar Farooki offered me Ant story and I found the narration, script, role very interesting and said yes to it.

Q2. How is theatre different from movies?

Let me put it this way. I love films and the ‘art of acting’. I was always very passionate about acting. My passion for acting got me into theatre during college days where I underwent extensive training under eminent theatre guru, Arvind Gaur from Delhi. Thereafter I went to do many plays with him and India Habitat Center. My performance was highly appreciated by the veterans in the industry. I realized that theater and acting and quite different after I did my acting course from Anupam Khers Acting school- Actor Prepares, where I learnt that you need to be much more suttle and natural in front of the camera.

 Q3. How ‘Ant Story’ came to you?

The director had seen  glimpses of my film at the Dubai International Film Festival and then seen me in BPL too. He later contacted me offering me the role and since the role, direction and narration was very interesting- It was a wonderful experience.

 Q4. What inspired you to take up the movie?

I want to grow everyday and I want to collaborate in this new, exciting and youngest art form- cinema and It has been my dream to work with film makers from all over the world, so that in one lifetime- I can lead many lives, and touch even more. This goal inspired me to take up movies.

 Q5. You have been chosen as the face of first season of Bangladesh Premiere League, so do you take interest in cricket?

BPL, on the other hand has been a huge learning experience and success in both my first and second seasons. I've met so many people from across the world and the love, hospitality and warmth of Bangladesh that I've experienced in my days of working here is something I will always cherish and take back in my heart forever. Yes, I love cricket. 

 Q6. You have debuted with Malayalam movie, ‘The Train’, so what is your experience working in a regional film?

Its a wonderful experience and I' am blessed and honored to have debuted with one of the best superstars and actor Mammooty and working with National award winning director Jayaraj. As my first break, I feel more confident and certain that I want to pursue acting as a career, specially because of the fun of getting into different roles  and creating so many experiences for my audiences. The experience was challenging but I loved it.

Q7. You have worked with Buddhadeb Dasgupta in ‘Patralekha’ and ‘Mukti’, so how’s working with him?

It was a great learning experience and it enriched me as an actor.

 Q8. Your dream project in Bollywood?

Each director and each role is a new journey and it is a voyage of discovery. Every role is different and for an actor, you experience new emotions through every role you get and it is a very enriching journey-where you are learning all the time. My dream is to live several roles and work with interesting and exciting film makers in Bollywood and my dream project would be the one which helps me bring out my talent to full potential,in a way which  enlivens and touches many lives.

Q9.Who is Your Favorite Actors and with whom Do you like to work in future?

Aamir Khan is my favorite. I would love to work with him. Amongst directors, I would love to work with  Anurag Kashyap,  Raju Hirani, Balki sir and so many more.

Q10. What are your upcoming projects?

I just walked the red carpet for the release of her film Ant Story at the 17th Shanghai Film Festival. Its an honour that I am  competing for Best Actress in the main competition, The Golden Goblet, against Hollywood stars Kiera Knightley and Kate Beckinsale. Once I go back to Mumbai, I'm looking at many scripts and once my nest project is finalized, I will announce it.

Thanks Sheena for your time and all answers, we wish you lot of movies and sucess in your career