Aamir Khan celebrates his 42nd Birthday

Perfectionist Aamir Khan turned another year older on March 14.The actor turned 42 but was busy spending a routine working day with his film shootings.However after wrapping up his shooting,Aamir did have a close family birthday celebration with a few friends and his kids.Aamir has grown into one of bollywood's finest actors but is also known to be a perfectionist.Apart from acting,Khan has also donned the mantle of producer with Lagaan.He also strongly voices his support for various social causes.On his birthday plans Aamir said "The day was spent working but I'm going to go home now and will spend time with my family.We will just have a close family thing with the kids and my brother."
Aamir Khan began his career as a young child in the film 'Yaadon Ki Barat' and went on to do several films from his earlier hits like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak,Ghulam etc to his more recent hits like Dil Chatha Hai and Rang De Basanti.However Aamir is known to be very reclusive as well as choosy.The actor refuses to talk about his personal life in public and is also very picky when it comes to choosing film scripts.Aamir is a stickler for perfection and strives to do so in all his roles and films.He is rarely seen in more than one film a year and is known to have boycotted Indian award functions.He is also rarely seen hobnobbing with the rest of bollywood.Aamir also strongly believes in supporting several social causes.In fact recently he supported the 'Narmada Andolan Bachao' project where he supported several villagers in their protest against displacement due to the government prject of increasing a dam.He earned the wrath of several political parties for this and as a result even some of his films were targetted and boycotted in some areas.But Aamir refused to budge from his stance and continued to lend his support to various causes.

Aamir also endorses several products like Coca Cola,Titan watches etc and is known to be associated with these brands for years.Currently Aamir is producing a film titled 'Taare Zameen Par' and is also slated to do a Mani Ratnam film Lajjo.Aamir's last two films Rang De Basanti and Fanaa were hits and the audience is anixiously waiting to see him in another film.