Aamir down with fever, cancels Peepli Live promotions

Aamir Khan who is looking forward to the release of ‘Peepli Live’ is down with high fever. The result is that he had to cancel the last-minute promotions of his production ‘Peepli Live’. "Am feeling very helpless lying in bed a few days before the release. All the last lap interviews and promotions are cancelled :-( doomed (sic)," Aamir wrote on his Facebook page today.

The actor retuned from Melbourne on Saturday morning and as soon as he landed he was caught with high fever. He had no strength to travel to the venue. "Guys I am most disappointed, I am down with very heavy fever, 103. Returned from Melbourne this morning with fever and was in bed all day to try and recover before tonight. But I have been hit hard this time. Won't be able to make it for the chat especially as I have to travel to Chembur for it," he wrote in an earlier post.

‘Peepli Live’ which speaks about the true story of farmers’ suicide is slated for Aug 13 release.