Aamir asks Sallu to give up drinking

Media may have reported long tale of Salman Khan and Aamir Khan’s rivalry but the truth is that the two Khans still possess a heart of benevolence for one another. Their liking came into the picture when as per Aamir’s suggestion, Salman decided to give up drinking. Aamir and Salman very often meet over dinner at Salman’s place and during conversation, Mr Perfectionist suggested Sallu to give up smoking till he completes shooting for ‘Veer’ as he is not looking fit at all.

A source informed, “He patiently explained the perils of alcoholism to him and told him that he had to take control of his habit before the habit took control of him. He also suggested a revised workout for Salman.” Sallu who is almost addicted to alcoholism followed his dearest friend’s advice and did not drink for quite long.

A source close to Salman said, “It’s true that Salman has given up drinking because he wants to be slim and trim in Veer. The film has a lot of scenes that require Salman to be bare-chested. Therefore he had to build muscle tone.”

Salim Khan said, “Salman is off drinks at the moment. But I can’t comment on whether Salman followed Aamir’s suggestion or not. Salman and Aamir are good friends and that is between them. I choose not to be a part of it.”