Kareena moves everyone into tears

Don’t conclude anything wrong with the title. Kareena Kapoor has not done anything wrong that has brought tears to one’s eye, instead her flawless performance while shooting for Karan Johar's 'Stepmom' has moved Karan Johar’s production team into tears. Kareena Kapoor has enacted a tough scene not only in one take but flawlessly. It was a tough scene and no one expected her to give the right shot at a single take.

Kareena's stupendous performance has earned her standing ovation and filmmaker Karan Johar was very much impressed with her acting. Says a close source, "It was a difficult scene, but when the tape began to roll Kareena surprised everyone by flawlessly delivering it in one 'take'. Everyone's eyes were moist."

Kareena has done extensive research for her role. The film also stars Kajol and Arjun Rampal.