A R Rehman taking on the world!

A.R.Rehman:Music DirectorIf you have written off A R Rehman after listening to Khalid Mohammed's Tehzeeb, well, think twice. There was never a doubt that A R Rehman is the most talented popular musician in the country. But...
...while you are getting nostalgic over Roja and Thiruda Thiruda, A R Rehman has gone ahead and made himself a global player. A R Rehman is rapidly emerging as one of the most respected Indian artistes on the global stage. And how! After the stupendous success of Bombay Dreams in London, A R Rehman has delivered another triumphant winner in the form of the Chinese - English movie Warriors of Heaven and Earth. The soundtrack of the movie has taken China by storm. And now, A.R.Rehman is all set to compose for two concerts organized by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO). The first concert will be held in March. Rehman has selected instrumental theme pieces composed by him over the past 12 years for this concert. The second concert will be held in November, For this concert, Rehman will compose tunes on Sufi poet Farid Attar's literature "The Conference of the Bird". Rehman's Bombay Dream is currently preparing for its American debut. Rehman has added three more songs to the original for the American presentation. He has also composed music for the international stage musical based on J R R Tolkein's Lord Of The Rings.

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