A.R Rahman launches his music conservatory on his birthday

While others may bring in their birthdays by throwing a party or spending time with family, A.R Rahman celebrated his birthday in a unique way. Rahman fulfilled his long standing dream of opening a music conservatory which offers training programmes in music and music technology. With his new music conservatory launched in Chennai, Rahman hopes to provide better music technology for students.
Rahman launched his K M Music Conservatory on his birthday so that he can give back something to the music world. Rahman said "I have finally opened my music conservatory. In the coming months we will have students and singers training in performances and production." Musicians and professors from all over the world will provide training in Western, Indian, instrumental, vocal and other music forms. Music students will also get a chance to learn various musical instruments like flute, French horn, trumpet, violin and percussion. He will provide the opportunity to learn high technology music as well as provide performance opportunities. Rahman also intends to train his students in audio engineering where Apple has certified courses like Logic pro and Digidesign for music students.

Rahman is keen to enrich today's budding musicians with various tools; he says "Having the knowledge of both music performance and music technology is invaluable. This will ensure more career opportunities." Rahman is not much of a socialiser and he prefers to spend his time creating and teaching music. But for his birthday Rahman received plenty of bouquets, birthday messages and phone calls from his friends and colleagues in the film and music industry. Through his music conservatory, Rahman also hopes to provide Indian composers with an Indian orchestra, K M Music Symphony Orchestra, where they can record their music with Indian orchestras and do not have to travel abroad to do so.