A Pillar of Strength and Courage – Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, the American actress, screenwriter, director and author has made a public appearance in a low cut top in Hawaii post her preventive double mastectomy operation as she was scouting for a shooting location for her next venture.

Jolie had decided to go under the knife after she learnt about inheriting the cursed cancer genes that has already claimed every woman in her lineage. Her bra less appearance reaffirms her decision to have undergone the operation and that she does not regret any of it.

Angelina Jolie attracts media attention like no one in Hollywood. The Academy Award winner has already spread awareness about one of the biggest diseases to plague a woman and the need to go for regular screening and pre-emptive medical procedures.

As per reports, hospitals are already faced with rising enquiries about the disease and the medical procedures that can inhibit it.

Breasts form an essential part of the woman’s body. The decision to mutilate them without any visible threat can be a tough decision. Angelina has been rather graceful in the entire process. She received support from her partner, Brad Pitt, a Hollywood sensation. After she was diagnosed with a faulty version of the BRCA1 gene, there was no looking back.

She did not want to embrace the fate which her parents or grandparents did. The decision to have her breasts removed was instantaneous. Post operation artificial implants were substituted. Angelina also had her ovaries removed as they could be the next target of the disease. Angelina is a pillar of courage in these respects. She knew she had to carry on for her six children. She also knew that making such a decision public could only help other women to thwart the possibility of succumbing to the fatal disease.

Angelina, who had a 90 per cent chance of developing the disease now has a probability of well under five per cent. A decision like this is the most private affair in a woman’s life. Only a woman of the fabric of Jolie could muster the courage and prudence to make it public and thus save the lives of millions around the world from a disease that has single handedly claimed many a life already.

Many believe that breasts define a woman. Angelina is not one of them. She does not feel any less of a woman. She feels endowed like never before. Her courageous decision and her sacrificing privacy for the sake of others have portrayed her as one of the strongest woman the world will ever see.

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