A film on Salman Khan’s Jail Life

Making film based on real life is quiet prominent in Bollywood however a film on actor Salman Khan's jail life will be entirely different. Ranjit Sharma is making a film titled Qaidi No 210, based on infamous chinkara case of Salman Khan.

Source of information to Ranjit was Mahesh Kumar Saini, who spent three days with Salman Khan in Jodhpur Central Jail in 1996. Ranjit mentioned that he met a murder suspect Mahesh, while researching on the subject and asked him to contact him once he is released from the jai. Ranjit got the details.

According to Mahesh, salman khan was the nicest man he has ever met and was sure that as far as chinkara case is concerned, Salman was innocent. He is not ready to disclose whatever Salman said but Mahesh is sure that the actor did not fire that shot. He claimed that Salman ate nothing in the cell but the chocolates given to him by his brother Sohail.  
Recalling the days he spent with Salman, he added that the Salman ate soyabean he prepared on the second night. Though it's not allowed but they managed to bring dumb bells into the cell for work out. Mahesh revealed that as Salman was bored he arranged a carrom board and a chess board for him. Salman offered to give him Rs.20,000 as a token of his appreciation but he had asked him to find him a job instead once he is released.