Love Aaj Kal

love aaj kalBollywood might have given the audience innumerable love stories and sometimes up to the level of boring. But Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Love Aaj Kal’ opens a new chapter of love story in Bollywood which in modern in presentation and traditional in heart. From Socha Na Tha to Jab We Met, Imtiaz has shown his final height with ‘Love Aaj Kal’. At no point you will feel monotonous, its dialogue are crispy and short, funny and interesting.

Penning script of two different generations parallely is not a matter of joke, it’s a hard task and Imtiaz has successfully undertaken it. The film has a fresh feeling. It has a dual experience of today and yesterday’s love; you will get to feel the serenity of love of both generations. Its about two love stories Jai and Meera’s, Veer Singh and Harleen Kaur’s, set in two different eras - the former being set in 2009 and latter in 1965. The film sends the message that their way of expressing love may be different but they carry the same feeling of love for their beloved.

Since two eras runs parallely, sometime the plot becomes very confusing if not watched attentively. But Imtiaz is not a director to leave his audience in the confused state of mind; he has achieved triumph over telling a simple story in a very ecstatic way and his third offering ‘Love Aaj Kal’ also promised to be the same. The youth will fall in love on watching the film.  It is a perfect today’s love story.

Love Kal is set in 1965 in Delhi and some part in Kolkata. Veer Singh played by Saif Ali Khan in young days and Rishi Kapoor in old times is struck by the beauty and tranquility of Harleen. As we have viewed on celluloid, how couple expressed their love through expression of eyes and smile in olden times, same is the case of Veer and Harleen. He travels thousand KMs on train just to have a glimpse of Harleen but does not dare to utter a word. They keep their feelings within themselves and let their eyes do all the talking.
Love Kal is set in London, San Francisco and Delhi in 2009. Jai played by Saif again and Deepika Padukone in the role Meera are modern day couple fall in love at first sight, does not believe in the commitment but reluctantly goes kissing and even for one night stand. For them love is a game and not an obligation. Hang over till the time you don’t feel bore and get over when it is overdosed.

 If Veer and Harleen takes a century to look into each other eyes, Jai and Meera are just ulta, at no time they fall in love and have all the pleasure. But whatever be their language of articulating love, they carry the same feelings of true love. They cries if get hurt in love, they smile when they get bliss in love and Imtiaz Ali aimed to send the message of equality through his film. He has beautifully fabricated the film and successfully sent the message that whether it is love in aaj or love in kal, the emotions are the same.

Apart from the story, what charmed the audience is the music. The songs are an USP of the film. Very ear soothing and captivating. Music composer Pritam has again done it.

Natarajan Subramaniam's cinematography is incredible. Editing by Aarti Bajaj is topnotch. Every department excels in their work. And above all, Imtiaz Ali is exceptional in his directional work and handling the script.

Speaking about performances, Saif suits both the role and it seems that he has made for the characters. He has flawlessly played the character of a NRI dude and a love stuck sardar. He was exceptional in his character. Deepika Padukone too portrayed beautifully, perfectly matched up to Saif’s level and had a lot of talking, emotions and dance. It was her best performance till date. Rishi Kapoor was as usual superb. Rahul Khanna was fine.

In the nutshell, Love Aaj Kal is the film of the decade. Multiplexes and theatres will surely hold the board of house-full for the weeks to come. It’s a lovely film made by Imtiaz Ali with lots of love and passion. It’s a prolific combination of love of the past and the present. Surely the film and Imtiaz deserves kudos.