Zindaggi Rocks

Zindaggi Rocks has a different and interesting concept, it deals with the life of a single mother and her relationship with her child, it also explores other facets of her life, her career, her love life and basically her small tiny world revolving around the people whom she loves. It also depicts the sacrificing love that any mother would endure to save her child. Unfortunately though director Tanuja has not managed to translate the concept extremely well on-screen. The script is lackluster and the screenplay is dominated by predictable plots, some grave cinematic liberties and also some extremely convenient sequences. There are a few good emotional moments in the film but these are rare, moreover many characters are just incorporated into the film without really adding any particular value or dimension to the film. Zindaggi Rocks has a good concept but the execution is what makes it sorely disappointing.

Zindaggi Rocks belongs to the romantic musical genre and has been produced by Anuradha Prasad. The film has been directed by Tanuja Chandra and stars Sushmita Sen as the single mother Kria, Shiney Ahuja as Dr. Suraj Rihan a workaholic married man who is lonely due to circumstances, Moushumi Chatterjee playing a double role as Kria’s mother as well as aunt, Kim Sharma as Joy, Ravi Gosain as Sam, Julian as Kria’s adopted son and Seema Biswas. The music of the film has been composed by Anu Malik.

Kria (Sushmita) is a pop singer and has an adopted son Dhruv (Julian). Kria meets Dr Suraj Rihan (Shiney) in a hospital when he is fixing a gash on her arm. Dr Suraj is a workaholic who has made his work his life and has forgotten how to have some fun in life. Kria senses the need to reach out to this young and emotionally needy doc, she decides to help him see the brighter side of life by taking him on a date. Dr Suraj is reluctant at first but Kria’s inherent charm is irresistible and so he finally agrees. However he is absolutely amazed and taken aback when he sees that Kria has brought her entire family along for the date. She introduces him to her slightly eccentric family, her mother and her aunt who look alike (Moushumi Chatterjee in a double role), her cousin Joy (Kim Sharma), her secretary Sam (Ravi Gosain) and finally to the love of her life Dhruv her adopted son.

Unfortunately although Suraj is drawn to Kria he feels guilty as he is already married and his wife has been in a coma for the last five years. But his mother-in-law makes him realize that life must move on and so Dr. Suraj follows his heart and Kria too reciprocates. However Suraj soon realizes that everything is not fine in Kria’s life too, her adopted son is seriously ill and needs a heart transplant. So he decides to help them out but unfortunately in spite of his efforts he is unable to help Kria and her son. Finally Kria decides that she will do anything for her son even if it means sacrificing her life.

The screenplay of Zindaggi Rocks lacks finesse and is handled in a rather shoddy manner. The script itself is flawed as instead of focusing on the main concept of the story which is the bond between mother and child, other parallel tracks seem to dominate the film relegating the main concept and leaving it half explored. Tanuja Chandra’s screenplay too is not deftly executed as many scenes look unrealistic and seem to be predictable. Many of the twist and turns seem too convenient and predictable. Tanuja Chandra has tried to juggle a number of different angles like a single mother, her career, the romantic angle and her family and friends all into the film thus cramming the film with merely a hotchpotch of various sequences with no real definition.

However there are a few good moments in the film where the special emotional moments between Kria and her son are well depicted. The scene with Kria and her son in the hospital is one of the few touching moments. Even a few scenes between Sushmita and Shiney are done well. Also the climax is different and interesting. There are a few twists and turns in the film too. The musical score by Anu Malik is average and a few numbers like ‘Humko Choone Paas Aaiye’ and ‘Zindaggi Rocks’ are listenable, but there are a bit too many songs in the film. The look of the film is good and cinematography by Amirr Sayed is good. However the editing could have been better and more fine tuned.

Unfortunately there is plenty of surrogate advertising which keeps diverting the attention of the audiences. The double role by Moushumi Chatterjee is really unwarranted and so is Kim Sharma’s track. The scene where Shiney keeps making calls to a senior citizen is really queer and could have been executed in a better manner. Several convenient sequences like Shiney’s coma ridden wife don’t fit in well too. As for performances the leads try to give an able performance but unfortunately they are burdened by an unfit screenplay.

Sushmita Sen looks good as the pop singer and her performance is average, but at times she takes the diva tag a bit too far and her histrionics are a bit exaggerated. Shiney Ahuja does not get too much scope for a meaty role but nonetheless he too is average in his limited role. Moushumi Chatterjee as the aunt is too loud and even as the mother she does not particularly make a mark. Kim Sharma is below average and again does not have scope. Ravi Gosain too barely has a role in the film and Seema Biswas is efficient. The child artiste Julian Burkhardt is quite good and does a good job.

Zindaggi Rocks is hampered by a shoddy screenplay which makes the entire film a bland and tasteless experience. Moreover the film has a female as the main protagonist and also its subject is niche oriented which may work only at multiplexes. However on the whole at the box-office it may not have much to show. A dreary and undistinguished film.

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