Woh - Movie Review

Thodi Masti, Thoda Pyar and add to that Thoda gana bajana and Thoda suspense, a film for today's Bollywood is ready. No one is bothered about the script or the story line and the least about acting. So we have films such as 'Woh' falling as ninepins at the box office even though there have not been a more appropriate time than this Friday to release a film. Two weeks have passed under the shadow of cricket matches and people want to go out and enjoy the weekend with a good film. But, alas! Had there been even an average film slated for this week's release, it would have proved a gold mine for film distributors. All the three films released today lack good story line. 'Woh' is not an exception. The film is just another example how opportunities are lost in Bollywood. Director Raj Sippy may feel that he is well versed with filmmaking technique but to keep viewers glued to your art in a dark hall and that too for more than two hours is not an easy task. And, he fails this time miserably that stars Priyanshu Chatterjee of 'Tum Bin' fame and Cleo Issacs, the new comer.

Raj starts his film on a promising note. 'Woh' promises to be an interesting film. A guy in an alien city getting an offer to kill a beautiful lass for a lakh of rupees sparks interest in viewers. The film has the story that Shekhar who is an unemployed youth and looks for a job happens to be in beautiful Mahabaleshwar. He reaches an exotic bar known as Laila Bar and has a chance encounter with Pratap (Nawab Shah). Pratap offers him money to kill Sonali (Cleo Isaacs). Shekhar meets Sonali and tells her about Pratap's intention, who happens to be Sonlai's uncle.

Sonali asks Shekhar to keep the money and leave the city. Pratap would do the same but destiny has other plans laid for him. A wounded man crashes under his vehicle. Shekhar is forced to return to Mahabaleshwar. Once back in the hospital, he again meets Pratap but this time he is in uniform. Shekhar is amused to see Pratap as a police cop but before he could do anything he is put behind the bars. Shekhar has to prove his innocence but he also wants to save Sonali's life. For his survival and also for his love Sonali, he encounters strange situations. Good faces turn out to be ugly images and there is utter confusion as to whoto trust.

Pratap is hell bent to kill his niece but there are people who know the real identity of Pratap and his niece. Are they not the uncle and niece? If not then why does Pratap want to kill Sonali? Who is that man who wants millions from Pratap? What is the secret that Pratap will not share with anyone even if it means killing innocent people? Who will solve this entire gambit? 'Who' starts with a great pick- up but it is the middle and last part of the film that mars the original effect of the film. While watching the film, one has many questions in mind. After coming out from the shadows of Anubhav Sinha, will Priyanshu be able to deliver the goods? He was praised in his short role in 'Pinjar' too but the film went unnoticed by the masses. This time he has set everything right in his favor.

He plays the lead man in a film that has all other main actors junior to him. He is also the main and only protagonist of the film. Priyanshu does come out as a winner. But, the film fails this time and more than that it is the director Raj Sippy who fails to tap Priyanshu's talent to its fullest. Priyanshu has a good voice; he also has intense eyes and to add to that he is a good actor who can change emotions in friction of seconds, but all this goes waste, as the final outcome of the film is not even satisfactory. Newcomer Cleo Isaacs fails to leave any impression. She is very raw and need to improve a lot on her emotions and diction if she wants to remain in the cutthroat competition.

Raj Sippy fails to keep the momentum of the film going throughout. He starts the film on a good note but soon falls prey to predictions. In fact even if he had maintained the original grip on the plot, this film would have been a real money earner for him, but Yeh ho na saka. Equally responsible for the film's disastrous performance is Robin Bhatt's screenplay. Cinematography by S. Pappy too does not have any thing special. Music by Anand Raj Anand is another weak point of the film. On the whole, this film has very little chances to survive when every one is comparing Bollywood flick with Hollywood. Maybe Raj Sippy will make a film next time after doing his homework. The film does not have any chance to get patronage in metros. In interiors it will find it hard to even run for a week.